A call to help our candidate in Colchester – Tina McKay

I do this community thing with my 13-year-old daughter (an observer) of helping my local speedwatch crew point the hairdryer at cars in Great Horkesley now and again.  Why do I do that? I do it because, although it doesn’t make me popular with some drivers (though it does with others), it makes me feel like I am doing something practical to help our community.  That gives me an odd sense of inner joy and I think that all Labour party members like to give to their community in any way that they can. It’s what makes us want to be a part of the movement, isn’t it?

Tina McKay is a proper altruist and she spoke at last month’s CLP, if you ever get to hear her speak, and she is our parliamentary candidate for Colchester. Many activists will want to be supporting her, as Colchester is a marginal seat and could be won. So for those of you who feel that you can help, there are some canvassing events coming up that will really benefit from your support. Just turn up and help out in whichever way you can – you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone.

September Canvassing Schedule

DateTimeMeeting point
Sept 7th10:15amGrenadier pub, Military Road
Sept 8th3:45pmPremier shop, Harwich Road
Sept 14th 10:15am Fryday’s chip shop, Ipswich Road
Sept 15th 3:45pm Junction of Derwent Road & Berkley Close
Sept 21st 10:15am Bottom of Mile End Road
Sept 22nd 3:45pm Stanford & Turner Road roundabout
Sept 28th 10:15am Fryday’s chip shop, Ipswich Road
Sept 29th 3:45pm Lidl, Abbots Road