Calling All Creatives!

As we head into a General Election, we do so recognising that the political landscape is changing and that we are going to need to box clever.

Since the last election, in support of leafletting, canvassing, etc., we’ve developed a strong online presence. We have an established website and are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, at both CLP and Branch levels. What we lack though, is a large enough team of suitably skilled creative people, either professional or keen amateur, to be able to create high quality content with which to effectively and compellingly communicate our messages to members, supporters and anyone wanting to learn more about us.

To address this we’re asking members with creative skills to add their names to a CLP Creative Directory – and to be prepared to volunteer a little of their time to help us take on the other parties.

We’re looking for people with copywriting, creative writing, photography, video production, graphic design, proofreading, press and PR skills.

The idea is simple enough – whenever someone in the CLP needs to communicate something about an event, policy, campaign message, etc., we’ll be able to quickly assemble a team of appropriate creatives to ensure that their messages are communicated effectively through high quality content.

The more people we can add to our Creative Directory, the more content we’ll have the potential to create, the more responsive we’ll be able to be, the less we’ll be dependent on a few individuals…

And, above all, the more we’ll be able to raise the profile of the Labour Party within our geographically spread CLP – taking on the other parties like never before.

If you have the skills – we’d like to hear from you. And soon!

For more information please email