Garden Communities – a second consultation agreed for Wivenhoe

Many people in Wivenhoe felt insufficiently heard after the consultation event on 20th November at William Loveless Hall.  Wivenhoe councillors, borough and town, have all made representations to have further consultation and we are pleased that there will be another event early in January.

Having worked on the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan consultations – as chair of the  Consultation and Community Engagement Group – I was pleased to offer our services in ensuring that the consultation is a two-way process, that information is clear and maps big enough.  The people previously involved, C&CE group, and the rest of Wivenhoe Councillors, Town and Borough, have all stepped up.

Importantly, the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan has been a far more extensive exercise in ascertaining what the people of Wivenhoe want for the future. The plan was completed in 2016 and revised to meet conditions including the need to fit in with Colchester local plan in 2017  The steering group are expecting to have a referendum to ratify this local plan and thus protect Wivenhoe from unregulated development against the vision of residents.This document, if approved by an Examiner, and by the residents of Wivenhoe, will control what happens here in Wivenhoe in terms of land use and building through to 2032. The first objective of this plan, identified and confirmed by residents is to ‘Maintain Wivenhoe’s rural setting. Having been a member of the WNP working parties since 2014, I remain committed to these objectives and to steering this plan through to adoption.

In considering the proposals for an Eastern Garden Community north of A133, I feel it is important to make sure this fits in with the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan (WNP).

That is why I am adamant that there should be:

Infrastructure First

No development South of A133

Looking at the latest plan out for consultation, I think the proposed park and ride in the south needs to be reconsidered and the University needs to be prevented from further expanding their accommodation, though we do support their progress and encourage their success to provide good quality local jobs.