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As we all take stock of last week’s devastating result, most of us have the relaxation of the festive season to give us time to reflect and recover. We feel that we have really lost out, but in fact the biggest losers are the poor and vulnerable, many of whom will spend Christmas alone, on the streets, with no prospect of an upturn in their fortunes for another five years.

What did we do wrong? In 2017 we had a very promising result. Just two years later, with the same leadership and a similar manifesto, those advances were not replicated. An even more rich and privileged opponent was successful in making Brexit the main issue and, whilst we argued between staying neutral and supporting Remain, it turns out that Leave was a non-negotiable for our core working class support.

In Harwich & North Essex, we benefited from the positive swing two years ago, and this time we also reflected the picture countrywide. Many of you actively supported our campaign and, for giving freely of your precious time, we are very grateful. On behalf of the Executive Committee, I really want to thank you for your commitment to Stephen Rice’s campaign, as well as to Tina McKay’s in Colchester and to that of any other constituency where you may have volunteered.

There are a number of members who gave up a lot of time, became our CLP election machine and deserve particular thanks.

Thank you to our candidate, Stephen Rice, for fighting such a positive campaign. Thank you to his agent, Cyril Liddy, for ensuring that everything was done above board. Thank you to everyone on the Campaign Committee who met every Thursday to plan and organise, and especially to Ildi Clarke who acted as secretary and hosted the meetings at her home. Thank you to David Gynn for masterminding the digital campaign, to Gaynor Mason  and Holly Turner who managed our social media and to Lucy Wood, our press officer. Thank you to all who canvassed, leafleted and telephone banked, set up community stalls, supported at hustings and at the University of Essex Christmas market. Thank you to those who ran the youth campaign and to those who contributed to photography and videography.

You will see that more members volunteered their time than perhaps you can imagine and it is certainly not possible to name-check them all. To all of you who supported our campaign and who got behind Stephen, thank you very much.

The New Year will be a new beginning for our party. We hope to see as many of you as possible at the first CLP meeting of the year on Thursday, 23rd January. Tobie will send you an agenda and venue details nearer the time.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year for all, not just the few…

Maison Urwin, Chair

General Election 2019

Stephen Rice is standing as Labour’s candidate for the Harwich and North Essex constituency in the next general election.

Stephen was born in London and has lived in West Mersea for nearly thirty years, he has two grown-up children.

He has had a varied career in industry, commerce and the arts and has a strong Trade Union background. He has a strong community focus and has worked with Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, The Diocese of Chelmsford and served on the RNLI Inshore lifeboat for fourteen years.

Every year, Stephen volunteers with ‘Festival Friends’, a voluntary organisation that enables adults with learning disabilities to enjoy holidays with their friends.

Speaking after his selection, Stephen said:

“I am honoured to be standing as Labour’s candidate for the Harwich and North Essex constituency. I love this beautiful part of Essex. Walking around the towns and villages, I am often blown away by the beauty and rich history surrounding us. However, when I speak to people, they show me what is beneath the surface and it saddens me to see and hear the stories that are ripping the fabric of our communities and society apart. 

Our social policies, which were implemented by a Labour government after the devastation of the second world war in 1945, rebuilt this country with a revolutionary vision to keep our people safe, healthy and educated from cradle to grave. I love this country and I am so proud that we have the best healthcare in the world, which is our national treasure, the NHS. I want to ensure that we stop privatisation of this public service that was built by the people for the people. It belongs to us and there should be no place for corporations or private companies taking on contracts and running the service for their own profit rather than as a public service.

In the last nine years, many of our public services have been plundered, being run to fill the pockets of rich shareholders rather than for the good of the people that need those services. Royal Mail was sold at a loss to mates of the Conservatives and whilst shareholders profits increase, worker’s rights, pay and the cost of the service increase. The same story for our public transport, council services and water. Labour will renationalise these services making sure that they are run as public services and profits will be put back to improve those services rather than in the pockets of billionaires. 

I want to see a revolution of kindness and goodness sweep this country like it did in 1945, we deserve better and this Labour government is ready to give back control to the people. We don’t want power, we want you to have power. That is why I am standing as candidate because I want the people of Harwich and North Essex to be able to take back control of their lives, to have jobs that pay the real living wage, to have properly funded health care and the very best education for their children, to not only save libraries from cuts but to improve them and to make sure that people have safe and secure homes. I see so much potential in our towns and villages and together we can unlock that potential and make Harwich and North Essex the best it can be.

A vote for me is a vote for you, believe in yourselves and let’s make real change happen.”

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Stephen's Campaign Diary

The future is ours to make.

It’s time for real change – for the many, not the few.

Why I’m backing Stephen Rice

“I’ve known Stephen since our school days together. His compassion for others shines through in everything he does. If anyone can be trusted to work hard to make life better for the people of North Essex, it’s my friend Stephen Rice.”