Statement from members of the Exec of H&NE CLP

As of today, 21st of August 2020, the following elected officers of the Harwich and North Essex CLP resign from their respective positions. All wish to remain members of the Labour Party:

Maison Urwin      Chair
Solma Ahmed      Vice Chair (Campaigns) 
Tobie Glenny        Secretary
Phil Dunnett         Treasurer & Manningtree Branch Secretary
Will Davis             Assistant Secretary
Thomas Randall   Political Education
Frank Belgrove     Diversity
David Gynn           Digital Officer
Mike Bailey           TULO
Matt Cooke           Brightlingsea Branch Chair

Statement by the above members:

It is always a sad moment when it becomes necessary for a Labour member to step aside from a role within the Party but the time has come for us all to do just that. As Executive Committee members we have experienced a great feeling of comradeship and unity of purpose as we endeavoured to promote and organise the Labour Party in our locality. 

Our firm objective has been to promote socialist ideals and to argue that unregulated capitalism is incompatible with the values of freedom, equality and solidarity and that these ideals can only be achieved through the realisation of a socialist society. We did our very best to support and run the CLP through good times and bad. The general election result of 2019 was indeed a very bad time for us as our candidate selection process was shrouded in controversy but nevertheless, we were still able to field a very able candidate and contribute a great deal of time to the election campaign.

The growth of membership in our CLP was quite extraordinary from 2015 until late 2019 and the quality and organisation of our meetings was of note. We embraced the broad church and respected a range of views. It is said that all good things must come to an end and we all now feel that with the direction being taken by the leadership towards a more neo-liberal stance it is right that the CLP executive baton should be handed over to those that share the direction of the leadership. We will remain supportive members of the Party but it would be doing an injustice to the wonderful membership if we continued in our roles half-heartedly. We have very positive intentions for the future and will be pursuing our socialist vision for a better world in other ways, so that we can continue to contribute to policy development.

We sincerely thank all members for the support we have enjoyed as we now leave our elected positions.