The North Essex 200 Club

Money, money, money,
Make some
It’s an egalitarian world! (Clearly not Abba.)

The 200 Club is a brilliant reflection of Labour values, rewarding people fairly for helping to fund Labour.

For £2.00 a month you could really go a small way to help a big cause (our CLP) and be in with the chance of being a real winner.  Better odds than the lottery for sure.

The lucky winners for August 2019:

1st prize          Janet Livingstone (2)           £29.00

2nd prize         Alan Large (33)                     £15.00

3rd prize          Alan Petre (51)                     £10.00

Total prize money                                         £54.00

If you would like know how to join the scheme or want to see the list of winners for 2019, please email Louise Armstrong at