The Fog of Srebrenica

This July marks 23 years since the worst European genocide since WWII, where 8,372 Muslim Bosniaks were killed in one week in the Bosnian town of Srebrenica.

As part of the annual commemoration, HOPE not hate along with Remembering Srebrenica will be hosting a special screening of the film The Fog of Srebrenica on July 20th at the Friends Meeting House, Colchester.

Let down by the rest of Europe and the majority of the perpetrators never facing justice, it is important that we do not forgot what happened in 1995 and learn from the lessons as we face a fresh wave of hate in Europe.

The story told by survivors, contrasted by hauntingly beautiful landscapes and horrifying archive. The film portrays extraordinary characters, people who have been struggling to come to terms with the past as well as dealing with the harsh realities of living in one of the poorest countries in Europe. Their stories raise serious and profound questions about the nature of human existence, war and forgiveness.

You can see a trailer of the film here.

The screening starts at 8pm at the Friends Meeting House, 6 Church St, Colchester CO1 1NF

The film is rated 15 and lasts 1 hour.

RSVP now to make sure you secure your place: