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I was speaking to my kids about Extinction Rebellion. When I asked about Greta Thunberg, my eldest said, “She doesn’t like the fact the politicians are ignoring the fact that global warming is a global crisis that they are ignoring. And they are trying not to hear her really, because if they did then they would be shouting about how good they are at doing stuff to make themselves look good and they aren’t even shouting about that.” (Took me a while to understand that!)

Here’s the latest news and info from our friends at XR…

Hello Wonderful Colchester Rebels!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer weather despite the awful news each day seems to bring. As the Amazon burns and wildfires sweep through countries around the world it becomes clearer and clearer how important our cause and purpose is!

The October Rebellion is fast approaching!

If you are able to go down to London for this important event, which promises to be even bigger than the April uprising, then please do book time off work as soon as possible. We also would like everyone to fill in our quick questionnaire to find out how many people we will have on hand to help with the rebellion in either London or Colchester. There will be lots of roles to fill both at home and away!

We expect the Rebellion to go on for at least two weeks. You can find out more about national plans on the XR website and we are in the process of making more plans locally.

Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training

If you are planning on going to London (and particularly if you’re planning on being arrestable) it is important to complete NVDA training. We have two events coming up:

September 11th 6.30-9.30pm – Book your ticket here to let us know you’re coming.

September 29th 2-5pm – Book your ticket here to let us know you’re coming:

Ipswich also have a big NVDA event coming up if neither of these dates are suitable for you and we may organise more if there is the demand.

Global Climate Strike September 20th

Plans are also unfolding to support the Global Climate Strike in Colchester. We hope to build on the successful school strikes in the spring by also encouraging workers to strike in solidarity.

If you are interested in getting involved with planning for the day of action please get in touch with us on action.xrcolchester@protonmail.com

Extra! Extra!

Press Group members wanted…

With our growing local presence, we are in need of more members for our Press Group to help inform everyone in Essex about our actions and successes.

We are particularly looking for people interested in writing or proofreading press releases. If you could help please contact press.xrcolchester@protonmail.com

New Local Groups

More local groups have been forming! Firstly, one in Clacton after a very successful Heading for Extinction talk. You can find them on Facebook and they are discussing forming an Affinity Group and developing input to Tendring Council’s work towards ‘being carbon neutral by 2030’. Please join them if you’re local to the area. You can contact rosie.dodds@ecodiy.org to co-ordinate lifts or transport links.

There are also plans for a group in Manningtree. They have a Heading for Extinction talk to kick things off on September 12th at 7.30pm in the Methodist Church, South Street, Manningtree, CO11 1QB. If you are interested in getting involved in this group please do attend this event or drop us a message on xrcolchester@gmail.com with Manningtree in the subject line.

Brightlingsea are getting going too and have their own Heading for Extinction talk on September 12th at 7.30pm in Brightlingsea Community Centre, Lower Park Road, Brightlingsea, Essex, CO7 0LG.

We hope to see you soon, with best Rebel wishes, Jo and all the team.

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